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The “Hoogeland” is a special cultural landscape for visitors and tourists. The first inhabitants settled in here about 2500 years ago. From the very first beginning life in this area was a struggle with water. People began to build hills which later became the basis of the dikes. The history of this struggle can be still seen in today’s landscape. All 21 villages in the municipality of “de Marne“have their own character. The cultural and historical characteristics of the high country are the “Wierden” (small hills where houses are built to protect flood), “Borgen” (pompous farmer estates), old churches and mills. Take your time to visit our cultural monuments. Below we list some of the highlights. We also can prepare a program especially to your needs. Just contact us and we can sit down together for more information and tips.

  • Openluchtmuseum Het Hoogeland, Warfum
    (6 km from Westernieland) This open air museum is located in the village of Warfum where the “wierden” and its dormant buildings have been well preserved. The museum is integrated into the present village; there are even some parts of the museum which are still inhabited. The place is very lively and not “museum like”, it offers the visitor an interesting insight about how living and working was organised around the years of 1900.

  • Abrahams Mosterdmuseum, Eenrum
    ( 8 km from Westernieland ) One of the culinary delicacies of the region is the “mosterdsoep” (mustard soup). That’s why you definitely should add this attraction to your “must do list”. The mustard museum gives you an interesting insight about how mustard is made before it ends up in your soup! A guided tour will take approximately 1 hour. The museum houses as well a restaurant where you can order of course a homemade mustard soup. Try our mustard soup at De Oude Smidse as well – one of our guest’s favourites. Next to the museum is one of the most famous windmills of the country located, the “De Lelie”, which was built in 1862.

  • Kaarsenmakerij Wilhelmus, Eenrum
    Also located in the picturesque village of Eenrum is this candle factory. Here you can gain an insight into the history of candles. It is also possible to make your own candles. In the in-house shop you can buy candles in all shapes, colours and scents as a souvenir.

  • Theefabriek in Houwerzijl ( 20 km from Westernieland )
    For all tea lovers – this is the place to be! The tea factory is a unique combination of Holland’s only tea museum, a tea tavern with the world’s largest range of tea and a nostalgic country store for tea. The factory is located in the former church and rectory of the village. Certainly worth a visit and located in the beautiful “Lauwersland” a unique nature reserve.

  • Menkemaborg, Uithuizen ( 14 km from Westernieland )
    The village of Uithuizen includes the best preserved estate (Borg) in the region. The present appearance originates in the 14th century. The place was restored in the last century, according to plans from the 18th century. The estate is now a museum and describes a vivid picture of the life of the Junker in the 17th century. The spacious garden surrounding the whole estate was restored from original plans and has one of the few mazes in the country. The restaurant “Schathuis” is located on the site.

  • Verhildersum ( 15 km from Westernieland )
    This well preserved manor is situated on the east side of the village of Leens, capital of the municipality. This is another museum where culture and nature are connected. Verhildersum tells the story of how living and working was organised in the 19th century. The museum draws a very lively picture of how people of all ranks – landowner, craftsmen, farmers, workers and artists have lived and worked together in the 19th century. The spacious garden houses an interesting gardening museum.

  • Insektenwereld, Leens ( 15 km from Westernieland )
    This centre is a special experience. It is all about insects! The insect world, as it is called gives you not only an insight about insects but as well about other animals that feed on insects. Most of us consider that insects are useless and ugly. Here the insects get the place in nature that they deserve. They are a very important part of our lives. Visitors can also actively participate in the action and playfully recognize the benefits of these animals. A must do when you travelling with kids.

  • Domies Toen, Botanische tuin en museum, Pieterburen ( 2km from Westernieland )
    The famous Pieterburen is well known for its seal sanctuary but the village offers much more. One of the attractions is located next to the church of St. Peter, a small but lovely botanical garden, “Domies Toen”, the garden of the priest. Church and garden were built in the 15th century. The English-style garden is home to a lot of rose varieties and other local flowers and plants. Next to the garden you can enjoy a freshly brewed tea in a cosy tea tavern.

  • Visserijmuseum, Zoutkamp ( 20 km from Westernieland )
    For those who are interested in the history and development of fisheries in the area will find everything in the little village of Zoutkamp in the fishing museum. In addition to a permanent exhibition the museum always has temporary shows to offer. The museum has as well a little shop for all kind of souvenirs from the region.
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